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About me…

WHO am I, you may be asking? Well, if you’re on this site, it’s highly likely that you already know me. But, for those that don’t, here ‘ya go…

Hi, I’m Scott Cohron. I’m what many people call, a Jack of All Trades. However, I’ve often heard that term followed by “and master of none”, and I take offense to that. Am I an expert in everything? Of course not. Do I know a lot about the many things I do know – you betcha!

Want me to “white board” how a nuclear reactor works? Need someone to help rebuild a 350 Chevy engine? Need to install a generator transfer switch in your house? Going to repair your home’s boiler? Want to build a computer from scratch? Change the brakes on your car? Design and install a network LAN for a business? Repair a stereo? Yeah, that’s me.

I’m one of those that likes to learn. If I find something that interests me, I read about it. I often read a lot about it.

I started out my career in Radio, working on-the-air, in Programming and in Engineering. Want me to wire you up a broadcast studio? Check. Need assistance working on a Commercial FM transmitter? Check. Want me to go on the air and play the 5 o’clock whistle and crank out Loverboy? Oh yeaaaaaah.

While working in Radio, I also managed a computer retail and repair business, selling and repairing computers to consumers and business clients in a small town in Alabama.

But before that, I ran a BBS (Bulletin Board Service). Ahhhh, the memories of the dial-up modem to connect you to the outside world… and the frustration of when the one phone line leading to that BBS was busy and you had to keep trying to redial it every few minutes. (ok, not all are so fond memories)

Ok, so that’s the light years in the past. Between working in/on computers, Radio, and a short stint in Television, I moved on and worked help desk / technical support for a software company that serves the broadcast industry and separately for several publishing companies.

So that’s me in the past – what about now? Glad you asked!

Today I read/study Cyber Security. That’s practically all I read. Sound boring? To me – absolutely not! I enjoy it. I’d say it’s a passion.

My wife once made the mistake of asking me to explain to her subnets. She fell asleep, even after I got out a pen and paper and began drawing it out. Another time, she asked about how (insert any company name here) got hacked, and I then proceeded to tell her the postmortem of the hack. Again, unconscious wife. It’s probably didn’t help that each time she asked, it was after eating dinner. 🙂

I’ve given many speeches and performed in-person training from a few people to hundreds at once – I’m not always boring, but it helps to not eat a large meal before I start my talk, particularly with the subjects I’m discussing. 🙂

My (current) day job is working for a SaaS company, providing research data for the broadcast and advertising industry. There, I originally managed the development and QA teams, and now oversee the day-to-day operation on a global front, overseeing the many technical and labor aspects of the business. I enjoy doing what I do because… it’s never dull.

But, Bad Dog?