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Zoom is stealing my cheese!

OMG, Zoom is horrible! It’s going to hack into our computers, steal our cheese and kill our houseplants, aaaaaaaah!!!!

Ok. Zoom is in the news, again. Guess what, it’s hysteria and news organizations reacting to benefit them – they get $$ for each click on their articles.

Listen, all software has bugs. Find me a piece of software that does NOT have bugs, and I’ll show you software that hasn’t been thoroughly tested.

Zoom-bombing is a thing, and there are ways to prevent that. Until recently, the defaults allowed anyone with the meeting ID to join and anyone to share their screen. Now the defaults, which you as a host can change at any time, require a password to join a meeting and you can also assign who can share their screen.

Next is end-to-end encryption. They promised it that E2E exists, and it does… to a point. Their video calls may not be. My response: so what? None of the other video conferencing apps out there support it. Whatsapp does, but guess what – that’s a group chat-thing, not used in a business environment. Skype’s video calls don’t employ E2E, either. Oh, and Whatsapp is owned by Facebook so you can surmise how much they value “privacy”. 🙂

NYC Schools aren’t going to use it for “security reasons”. Oh please. THAT is over-reacting at its finest. Every bug or problem that’s been brought to Zoom’s attention, they’ve fixed or re-mediated in a timely fashion. That’s impressive by any standards.

So is Zoom safe? Yes. Do I work for them? No – I just simply hate false information being spread.

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