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It’s used for our security. It’s also used by the bad guys. Should we get rid of it? And no, I’m not talking about guns, though you can draw a very similar parallel.

I’m talking about encryption.

EVERY website you visit these days are encrypted. Buying something online? Bad guys can’t tap into that connection to see what you’re doing – not even your ISP. It’s there for your protection, however there are bad guys that use it to their advantage.

The EARN IT Act is meant to stop the protection of pedophiles hiding behind encryption. So yeah, I’m all for that, but let’s look deeper into that bill that’s going through the Senate. If you don’t enjoy the idea of potentially having all of your messages (texts, chats, emails) be reviewed by the government (and we all know how good they are at keeping a secret and not let anything leak out), then you should read up on what this bill really says.

And while everyone is focused on the Corona Virus, THIS is going through, right now!

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