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The COVID-19 & BLM Scams

COVID-19! Click here… click there… read this… Download This Attachment…

All horrible things that scammers/bad guys are trying to do to get your attention – tap into something that piques your interest.

The latest is Black Lives Matter. Phishing campaigns are in full force, so the bad guys are now on the new hot topic and starting to move off of Covid-19 scams. Anonymous Surveys are a common one. My favorite is when they ask you to download the attached Word document, fill it out and send it back. OH, and you have to click ENABLE Content. Guess what THAT does! If you guessed “Click ENABLE CONTENT is the same as ‘Why Yes, Click Here to hack my machine'”, you win a prize. 🙁

The prize? A Trojan. It will install bad juju onto your computer and begin recording everything you read and everything you type… like your passwords.

Will your anti-virus software stop it? Maybe. Do you often look down the barrel of a gun, pull the trigger and “believe” it’s not loaded? Antivirus & Malware software protection will protect you, but to a point. They look for patterns – known patterns – of viruses and malware. But what if you downloaded something that’s not yet known? Guess what – your computer is now infected and you likely will never know.

Computer viruses can be very complex and many do a great job at hiding their tracks and prevent antivirus software from knowing they exist. Unless you’re explicitly waiting on a document someone is sending you, NEVER EVER EVER open an attachment in an email.Stay safe, virtually and physically.

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