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“Hello, this is Apple calling…”

You’ve probably received one of those calls before, an automated voice telling you that they’re calling from Microsoft or Apple? Something about your account, your computer has malware, your bread is left in the oven, etc…

Much like (in the US) the Social Security Administration does not call you, neither do Microsoft or Apple. They email you, or in the case of the SSA, they mail you.

Apple nor Microsoft has a department to proactively call customers to inform them of something. Even if they would, they wouldn’t use an automated/robot voice to tell you.

I recently got a call on my cell phone, late one night driving back from getting groceries. It was Apple to tell me that my account got hacked. I laughed and then I hung up. How do I know it wasn’t true? Well easy – I don’t own any Apple products, and those that we have in the home, they’re not registered under my cell phone number. I’m not even sure they ask for your phone number, come to think of it.

The point is, these are scams. Like many of these type of scams, they scare you to hook you and then get you on the phone long enough to get your credit card, access to your computer, and/or some other bit of personal information.

Don’t entertain them – simply hang up! If they REALLY want to reach you, they will either email or mail you. Like the police that want to reach you, they won’t call.

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